Tuesday, September 29, 2009

history and my honey.

charleston, sc
[click picture for more photos]

really enjoyed our time together.
the history in charleston is so great.
first day we went to the visitor center
and decided
a walking tour on our own.
it was the cheapest [$5 for a book to help us navigate and know some facts]
and it was the most fun because we could talk and stumble together along
the very old
very bumpy
cobblestone/brick walkways.
as i looked all around me at the homes and streets all i could think was "people actually live in these historical buildings and walk these streets!....what would that feel like to be a part of so much history?"
learned some really neat facts.
the old dungeon was cool.
to be where George Washington had been.
to hear the stories.
it was truly awesome!
jeff and i stayed in our sweet little camper.
went out to dinner one night
my favorite dinner was the one we prepared ourselves
steamed shrimp
a little wine
cantaloupe for dessert
a good game
bananagrams [thank you to kim for introducing this fabulous game into our lives].
we really enjoyed each others company and were able to talk without interruption.
it was blissful!

can't wait to do it again!

happy tuesday.

Friday, September 25, 2009


excerpt from Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge

Our enemy despises relationship, hates love in any form, fears its redemptive power. This is why God sent Eve. Women are needed to protect relationships, bring them back to center stage where they belong. You might at times feel like the only one who cares. But as women we must hang onto this-that because of the Trinity, relationship is the most important thing in the universe. Let us not give way or yield our intuitive sense of the importance of relationship for anything.

It is here, starting in our circles of intimacy, that we are first and foremost women. You have an irreplaceable role in your relationships. No one can be to the people in your life who you can be to them. No one can offer what you can offer. There are many things God calls us to do, but loving well always comes first. And don't your relationships feel opposed? Of course. They must be fought for.

Satan knew that to take out Adam, all he had to do was take out Eve. It worked rather well, and he has not abandoned the basic plan ever since. Your place in the world as God's heart for relationship is vital. All the Enemy has to do to destroy people's lives is to get them isolated, a lamb separated from the flock. To do this he removes the treasures in their life. He makes a woman feel like, "What do I have to offer, really? They're probably doing fine." Don't you believe it for a moment. You have been sent by the Trinity on behalf of love, of relationships. Fight for them.

read these few paragraphs last night before bed. felt very convicted to stop and let these words resonate in my heart. i have treasures in my life. however, i find myself not fighting for those relationships. mostly fine with just letting them go [so i thought]. turns out letting them go, letting them fade hurts me very much and never really thought about how much it hurts my Savior....the one who loved more than anyone....enough to die for me. this is my cross. i really feel the Enemy holding tight to me on this one. he would love nothing more than to see me continue to fail in this area. the one area that God calls me to really shine as a woman, wife, mother, and friend.

please join me in ongoing prayer for all women. that we can continue to place importance in the relationships that God calls us to have with one another.

happy friday.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

good morning katydid.

we have taken the week off of school to play with grandma leann.
backyard play, sewing doll clothes, library visits, discovery place, dinner, water ice factory.
and now
jeff and i
are headed to Charleston to camp for the weekend.
yes, it is going to rain the entire time.
yes, we are going to have fun.
thankful that grandma is excited to stay with the kids.
thankful for this time with jeff.
thankful for little buggy creatures that land on our windows so we can see them up close.
have a blessed weekend.
edited: thank you shannon for reminding me that just cuz we're not doin' worksheets and narrating doesn't mean we're not doin' school....this is the school of life baby! even better!
love you mama!
happy thursday.