Tuesday, September 30, 2008


September 30, 2008
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6:00 woke up to Macs fussing to be let out.
let him out in the rain.
pray with Jeff.
chai tea with soymilk.
quiet time. Bible. devotions.  2 becoming one workbook.
email Shannon about visit plans.  so excited!
blog entry.
8:00 kids wake up.
kids breakfast-shredded spoonfuls and soymilk.
devotions with the kids was about not just reading God’s word, but applying it, “turning it on”.
working on our Bible verse for the week (Phillipians 2:14-15), the girls forgot one of the words, and off to my left I heard a little voice say “fault”….another moment of really feeling the need to fall out of my chair.  amazed that my son, after hearing this verse maybe a handful of times, knew the word that the girls couldn’t remember.
just another nod to the fact that little ears are always listening, even when you think they aren’t.
mommy breakfast-plain yogurt, granola and flax meal.
good mornings to “blue cheese” the snapping turtle.
he is hungry and apparently does not like carrot.
no theater classes this morning.
kids loudly getting ready for the day.
made the bed.
Lauren with Jack.
Megan doing school.
took a shower.
pulled hair back.
off to the park.
jack found a “gware” square on his car seat.
prayed for “blue cheese”.
released “blue cheese” into the lake not far from our house.
he didn’t seem like he wanted to go.  we watched him for a little while.
played at the park. 
Jack didn’t want me to swing him, he said, it’s “Megan’s turn”.
fall is on its way.  leaves beginning to turn.
talked to Jeff.  planning for class tonight.
jack had a mid morning melt down because I did not want to go “this a way” I wanted to go that a way.
a wasp hitchhiked all the way from the park to our home on our car….like we need more at our home.
worked on Lauren’s timeline book.
Jack got in the refrigerator and brought me his cup and the whole bottle of juice saying, “juice for me a cup”…how could you not give the juice?
kids lunch-peanut butter and jelly. easy.
my lunch-tuna with cranberries on pita bread
checked email.
Lauren is composing a song.
looked up finger knitting.
will try to figure that out before craft time at choir.
read with Jack.
Jack napping.
read Detectives in Togas Ch.19 with the girls.
learned to finger knit.
megan worked on her essay.
went to choir practice for the girls.
time with jack having snack and building towers.  watched a bee land on the flowers outside.
lost Jack for about 5 minutes at the church (the kid is fast)…so thankful he was okay.
weird bug on my car while waiting for Megan….it’s been a day of bugs, but thankfully, no cockroaches!
rushed home from choir practice.
gramma came over to be with the kids while Jeff and I went to our 2 becoming one class.
2nd week at class....unsure of how it’s going to turn out….we’ll see. lots of different people, different situations, just not sure of our place in it yet.
8:20 home from class, kids watching Homeward Bound (they really like it) with gamma all cuddled on the couch.
Very thankful that gamma can be with the kids on Tues. nights.
cuddled up with jack and his request was “Rock a baby” so I sang “Rock a bye baby”
prayed in his ear…squeezed him tight
goodnight little man.
kissed the girls good night.
talk with jeff.
long day.

this week.

This week I have decided to take a scrapbooking challenge from Ali Edwards....you will notice her blog down on the right hand side of my blog.  Okay, I love to scrapbook, but these days it is just not happening!  Life happens and I continue to capture as much as possible, but as far as putting it in a book, time just is not on my side.   So, I have decided to do what Ali is doing and record a week in the life of me.  Nothing amazing is happening this week (that I know of anyway), but I just really felt led to do this.  If you feel led to do it.  Go for it.  The week does not need to begin on Monday.  Start your week now.  Just write stuff down (edited: I kept a word document open on my desktop all day and just kept adding to it) and take your camera wherever you go.  I will try to post every day this week.  Call it a blogging marathon if you will.  Enjoy!

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Day 1  September 29, 2008
woke up early. 6:00
time reading "2 becoming one" book
off to Yoga at the Y.  love that Megan is a certified "Supersitter" and she can stay with the little guys while I take this class.
prayed for Jeff.
breakfast was a banana bran muffin and pomegrante tea from Trader Joe's.
printing out Bible devotion for the kids.
kids up at 8:00.
breakfast with the kids. eggs and toast with cream cheese and blueberry preserves.
memorizing Bible verse...this week is Phillipians 2:14-15.
changing a poopy diaper.
doing dinosaur's puzzle with Jack.
Jack asked "why not?" for the first time.
reading with Lauren.
Jack runs in while Lauren and I are reading and proceeds to recite the Bible verse from last week.  "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much ("mush").  I about fell out of my seat, amazed that he knew it.
kids doing school and chores. 
lunch-grilled cheese on homemade bread from Jessica Seinfeld book. a little too cheesy this time. we lost most of it on our plates.
killed a spider on the wall.  walked to kitchen to throw it away and found a cockroach on the wall (no we are not slobs, we do not live on a terrible side of town, this is a reality when you live in the woods, and let me tell you it is a reality that I will NEVER get used to).  It took me 15 minutes to muster the courage to extinguish this beast.
teaching Jack to "shhhhh" while others are talking.
love my water.
want my coffee.  (Okay, Hayes family, you say it is a phase, you speak of the DARK side.....and yet I know you will so win this battle when you get here.)
consequences for our actions. lauren cleaning the car. megan cleaning the front porch.
lauren found a baby snapper turtle. we called him "blue cheese"
thinking of Shannon.
playing horsey with jack.
science, literature and character study with the girls.
narration with the girls.
chiropractor appt.
funny license plate "o pickles"
jack's tumbling class. the bars, balls and somersaults are his favorite.
not prepared for dinner. I do not do well making dinner when I am way hungry myself. quesadillas on the grill.
talking at jeff. (I apologized)
cleaning the kitchen.
constantly scanning for cockroaches (you'd think I would be used to it after living in FL, but I have to say you guys have it good there, the cockroaches here are like HUGE.  I know at this point the Hayes are questioning their visit.....Nah!  You guys will come hang out with us cockroaches and all).
Lauren and Jack in the tub.
Megan in the shower.
had some chocolate chip cookie dough.  my downfall.  working on it.
kids watching last 15 min of Homeward Bound.
good talk with Jeff about God's purpose in our lives and how we love that we can lay everything at his feet. everything.
lotion for my hands.
glasses off.
lights out.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A little perspective.

We had a nice weekend.
Jeff and I at Yoga on Friday night.  Love it!
Girls at grandmas on Friday night.
Jumping up and down lots and lots because we just found out that the Hayes are coming for a visit.  We can't wait guys! 
Lots of rain.
We did end up finding gas (no kidding) on Friday morning.
Planning our kitchen painting project.
Church....and this video....

A little perspective...cause we all need it sometimes!

Loads of love and lots of blessings to everyone!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where's the rain?

One thing I know I am not is a weatherman...and maybe I should be.  Seems to me that our weather guys/girls can't seem to get it quite right.  There was a big tropical storm headed our way, wasn't there?  We had fun pretending anyway.  They were singing and dancing down the driveway.  *edited: the rain has officially found us*

The temperature has been incredible.  We had the door open tonight as Jeff and I watched our most favoritest show on TV (we don't watch TV, this is it for us)  The Office season premiere was tonight.  Good stuff!

Weekend to do....
Find a gas station that HAS gas. scary.
Finish school scheduling stuff (seems never ending).
Use my Cold Stone Creamery Freebie.
Photo shoot with each of the kids.
Make cookies for neighbors.  
More like, giveaway cookies so as I do not eat them myself.
Time with Jeff.
Church on Sunday.

Happy Thursday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

This just in.

Yes, it is true.  Jeff and I; the avid Starbucks people, are not drinking coffee anymore.  Needless to say I am not happy about it.  I know my body will thank me for it eventually, but right now my body aches.  I have pretty much always enjoyed coffee.  Then, our dear friend Sam (who passed away this last year) sent Jeff and I a state of the art Espresso maker, and our best friends bought us a set of cappuccino mugs for Christmas.....all I can say is HOOKED, big time!  It was so fun to get up and make yummy coffee in the morning.  It was an event.  It was the calm before the storm. I miss it and what's so pathetic is it's only been 3 days.  Goodness gracious! 
We had a nice weekend.  The weather was great!  Mid 70's....perfect outside weather.  Which is what we did most of the weekend.  Jeff had a service project planting flowers with his 5th grade Crew group from church.  It was a very rewarding experience for him and the boys and all that showed up to help out.  I attended a Charlotte Mason (no not Charlotte Masons) mini conference and really learned a lot from the other ladies on ways to teach certain subjects in school.  Funny thing with home schooling, you never really say to yourself, "Wow, I really got it going on...I mean, I completely know what to do."  I am always learning new ways to help my kids learn better.  It's stressful at times, like when you don't have your coffee, but so incredibly rewarding.  Sunday is most often our day to really kick our feet up and relax as much as possible.  We always look forward to family dinners with Grandma at the table and we've tried to make it a weekly event.  Last night they had so much fun playing freeze dance.  I think at one point Jack was naked freeze dancing.

I leave you with that!  Blessings to everyone!

Happy Monday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Green Thumb and "Fwupoline".

It's hard to believe that after all these years I may actually have a green thumb.  I have never had luck with plants....they always die.  Maybe I just needed to move to NC.  My basil has never looked so good.
Ever since Jack was
old enough to speak,  his word for jump was "fwup". Jump. "fwup".  They sound pretty similar. So, it's not the trampoline we love to jump on....it's the "fwupoline" we love to "fwup" on.  

Have a great weekend!

Happy Thursday

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There's no place like home.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Calm weekend.

We had a pleasant weekend.  The fact that Jeff has Friday's off is such a HUGE blessing....weekends start early.

I got Jeff to take a Yoga class with me Friday night...and he liked it!
The girls spent the night with Gamma.
Planning our garage.
Sunday family dinner and homemade pizza.
And to top it off Jack learned to tap, per big sissy's expert teaching (pictures to come)...at one point he had the Dorothy slippers on.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

These boots are made for walkin'.

Jack's latest appreciation is his bright red boots.  I'm sure I picked them up from Goodwill during one of my many bargain hunting moments.  He absolutely loves them, and lately, won't walk out the door without first putting them on.  They are too big, and if you pick him up, they fall right off.  He doesn't mind and frankly neither do I.  Who knows maybe someday he'll be a fireman.

Happy Wednesday.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Look what I found.

I absolutely love home schooling my kids.  They are 11, 7, and 2 1/2.  Nicely spaced apart...they each have their own likes and dislikes.  Very unique little people and I love that.  One thing we love to do together is our Science and Nature study.  Megan and Lauren happily record what they see...drawing it is fun!  And our little man, Jack, happily explores every inch of our yard...picking up rocks, poking at ants, showing me his finds.  All the while, I simply smile and can't imagine being anywhere else.
I am looking forward to sharing our every day hills and valleys as we navigate this blessed life we have been given.  I will try to update often and share pictures along the way.