Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Hayes are headed our way!!!!

Us Johnsons. Jeff, Alicia, Megan, Lauren and Jack.
Those Hayes. Phil, Shannon, Elli, Riley, and baby Charlotte "Charli" (who was in Shannon's belly when this picture was taken).
What more can we say.
We love them and they are coming to visit for a whole week.
Lots of fall activities planned.
And just hanging out.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Virginia Beach Vacation.

Virginia Beach Vacation
(click on photo to see full album)

654 miles round trip.
7 1/2 hours from home to our campsite.
33 was our campsite number.
8 movies (Dreamer more than once)
5 days camping at First Landing State Park.
2 bodies of water to choose from (Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean).
We liked Chesapeake Bay beach better.
9 total painful mishaps including Jack falling out of the camper on the first night and splitting his lip.
6 Starbucks coffees per parent. 
350 animals at Virginia Zoo.
2 girls arguing a lot.
3 ships at Jamestown Settlement.
4 cannon shots at Colonial Williamsburg.
15 minutes to the top of Cape Henry Lighthouse.
24 foot Poseidon statue on the boardwalk.
1 angry woman on a bike.
1 Family bike ride on the boardwalk.
20 time outs for Jack (at least).
1 bathing suit lost.
91 degrees on Thursday (isn't this Fall?).
3 full moons.
100's of "prickers", "hitchhikers", whatever you call them....they hurt!
2 girls arguing about how they argue.
2 nights of mosquitoes. Bothersome!
Many cotton fields on our way to and from.  Thought it was trash blowing all over the road, but it was cotton.
4 camp fires. 
4 smores.
12 Blue Crabs and 1 lb. of shrimp on our last night.
35 mph wind storm on the last night.
2 parents ready to come home.
2 detours on the way home (traffic).
8 consequences for 2 girls that argued 2 much.
690 pictures.
100's of laughs.
100's of memories.
Total Cost.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

38 today.

38 years ago today the love of my life was born.  And because he is 38 I will list 38 reasons why I love him so (in no particular order).

1. makes me laugh.
2. loves to cuddle.
3. good with money.
4. good cook.
5. great daddy.
6. patient when I am not.
7. adventurous.
8. he is honest.
9. not boastful.
10. not prideful.
11. supportive.
12. apologizes when wrong.
13. helps me around the house.
14. my teammate.
15. fishermen and fisher of men (gives of his time every Sunday to be with 5th grade boys).
16. loves to cook me breakfast on special occasions.
17. always in search of the "perfect" gift for me.
18. gives careful criticism.
19. people person.
20. loves God.
21. prays every day often.
22. wants to be with me.
23. loves his mother.
24. is a child at heart.
25. great role model to his kids and others.
26. a good friend.
27. very giving.
28. never shouts no matter how upset.
29. strong.
30. faithful.
31. admits his faults.
32. a good brother and son.
33. loves Christmas.
34. hard worker. (blowing all the acorns off the walkways as I type)
35. positive.
36. he is hot. (both looks and temperature)
37. family man.
38. because I choose to love him everyday no matter what.

*there are some other things I could add to this list (sorry babe had to mention it), but for little eyes and ears can not.

I love you baby, you are my hero, my knight in shining armor, my rock and my best friend. How incredibly blessed I am.

Happy Birthday.


pictures and more to come on our trip. we had fun. we had our moments and we are happy to be home.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


October 10, 2008 album
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Friday would have been Dustin's 34th birthday.  We had Grandma Johnson over and celebrated with homemade pizza on the grill and a cheesecake.  We shared stories about him....laughed and cried.  We adopted a stream/park down the road from us in his name and we did our very first clean-up yesterday.  We filled 12 bags of trash.  Jack found a cicada to play with.  Everyone worked hard to make a difference.  It was very fulfilling, and felt good to give back.  It's been 10 months and we miss him.  We are continually reminded of God's beautiful tapestry and someday we will understand why he is not here, but for now we will continue to celebrate the son, brother, and friend that we knew.  

A couple of weeks ago a tropical storm crossed NC and rendered our rental house in the Outer banks condemned. No problem. Plan 2 we decided to go camping.  Today, we are leaving for our camping trip to Virginia beach.  This will be Jack's first official camping trip.  We are so excited. Across the dunes from the beach, less than an hour to Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown. How nice that we can weave a little school into the vacation.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


October 5, 2008
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7:00 wake up.
breakfast snack-banana bran muffin and pomegrante tea
Bible and devotions with Jeff.
wake kids.
breakfast- yogurt with granola, flax and organic strawberries.
tasted like strawberry cheesecake.
make bed.
leave for church.
check Crew kids in at church.
Karen saved me a spot.
love the music at our church.
my only wish is that Shannon were up there with her beautiful voice.
took communion at church.
pool baptism's outside today.
the Big Deal at church is always so fun for the kids and the when they shoot the moon pies out of a moon pie launcher at the end.
lunch-quesadillas on the grill.
Jack is down for a nap.
Grandma (Karen) came over to be with the kids while Jeff and I went to a Christian film festival.
quick stop at Starbucks.
Okay, so we have totally fallen off the wagon!
not really, we still just really enjoy a good cup of coffee.
so many words I want to say about this movie....
if you are married, go see it.
if you are single, go see it.
if you are living, go see it.
best movie we have seen in many many years.
Kirk Cameron did an awesome job!
all of it.
funny license plate on the way home-UGT2MVIT. Jeff figured it out...U GoT 2 MoVe IT.
girls to grandmas to help fix dinner.
Jack is awake.
Jack snack-peanut butter pretzels and cranberry grape juice.
Jack loves to help daddy, he says, "whatcha doin' huh?"
Jeff putting handles on drawers.
changing a poopy diaper.
to grandmas for Sunday dinner.
grandma and the girls made "mo-mo" puffs, green beans, rice and applesauce.
dessert was made by Megan and Lauren-homemade brownies and frosting...yummy good!
Jack sitting on Great Great Grandma Hubbard's rocking chair.
daddy played "wobot" (robot) with the kids.
cleaning up legos, I hear Jack say, "No, Mac don't eat doze!"
some funny things Jack says lately.....
"funk soul brudder sheck it out now."
"funk soul brudder wight about now."
"ooooh my heaven's to betsy."
"goodnight wadies." (saying "goodnight ladies" to the girls)
get kids ready for bed.
Jeff finishing up drawer pulls.
read with jack.
Jack to bed.
time with Jeff.
baby, I love my kitchen. it is everything I could have dreamed for. thank you for working so hard on it. I love you!
and this is the end of one week in the life of our family.  
blog break is in order.
good night.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


October 4, 2008
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6:30 wake up.
I am feeling much better.
Jeff wants Starbucks. I'm on it babe.
went to Starbucks in my jammies.
bold coffee with pumpkin spice syrup for Jeff.
decaf pumpkin spice latte for me.
guess we have fallen off the wagon halfway.
Jeff and I had a good talk about future plans, and again, how we are just so thankful that God is in control, 'cause we just can't plan things like he does.
kids are up.
Jeff making crepes with blueberry cream cheese filling.
Megan rolling the crepes.
sun rays in front hall.
Jack says, "mommy, wet's go to wowe's!!!"
translation: "mommy, let's go to Lowe's!!!"
so we went to Lowe's and picked up some stuff for the kitchen.
made lunch on the dining room table.
deli sandwiches.
the girls love to help on projects.
Megan helped with some painting.
we already have a HUGE mess, so why don't we play with play doh and really make this a mess!
painting. painting. painting.
Q Shack take out for dinner.
ice cream mustache.
doors back on cabinets.
AMAZING difference in the kitchen.
Thank you baby for working so hard on those doors.  I love it!
not sure if we are going to leave them or antique them.
pretend sleeping. everybody snoring.
get ready for bed.
Jeff reading with Jack.
really sleeping.

Friday, October 3, 2008


October 3, 2008
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7:00 wake up.
Bible and devotions with Jeff.
kids are up.
fire in the fireplace.
hot cocoa.
46 degrees outside.
breakfast-blueberry oatmeal bar and pomegrante tea.
Jeff to the gym.
make kids breakfast-eggs and Jessica Seinfeld donuts.
dishes in dishwasher.
Jack had some fun with sissy's yarn.
get dressed.
Jeff home.
chiropractor appt.
I am wearing my favorite jacket today.  orange corduroy.
come home and pick up Jack to go run errands with me.
Hobby Lobby.
not feeling good.
home to eat lunch.
big fan in doorway for paint fumes.
Jeff has started painting the cabinets in the kitchen.
lunch-chicken and cheese on homemade bread.
play with slinky.
fly airplane outside.
read to Jack.
cuddle and to bed.
read the last chapter of Detectives in Togas and some Shakespeare with the girls. 
worked on their Book of Time.
run errands.
to Lowe's Home Improvement store. return some stuff for Jeff and get some paint thinner.
to Staples for a cordless mouse and sticker sheets. bought the sticker sheets. did not buy the mouse.
Lowe's food store for last minute stuff.
home to find a clothes line of cabinet doors in my front yard.
and a HUGE spider web on my roof.
Jeff is hard at work painting.
my kitchen is a wreck.
green anole lizard on my front porch plant.
clean up kitchen.
Jack is awake.
kids watching 1961 Parent Trap movie. a classic.
snacking on white cheddar popcorn.
start dinner.
Jeff's painting all around me as I cook.
dinner-Bacon, Leek, tomato and potato soup with bread.
off to Lowe's for a few last minute project items.  a roller and pan.
kids on the trampoline.
Lauren gave Jack a bath.  thank you baby!
Jeff is painting again.
I love that my man is such a hard worker and so good at what he does.  Love you honey!
kids upstairs playing.
watching Homeward Bound again.
Jeff is done for the day.
in bed.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


October 2, 2008
(click on picture to see album)

October 2, 2008

6:00 wake up.
a little cranky.
forgot to put the lasagna away.
prayed with Jeff.
wave Jeff off to work. love, love, love that he had to wear a coat.  It's cold!
Bible. journaling. 2 become 1 workbook.
banking stuff.  yuck!
the girls love to get Jack up, and today they did.
kids playing puzzles waiting for breakfast.
make oatmeal from Jessica Seinfeld book.  Love that book!
breakfast and devotion with the kids.
a little attitude maintenance with the girls.
girls outside running Macs trying to stay warm.
made bed.
got dressed.
Jack doing puzzles.
no tea this morning.  wishing for a warm drink.
Jack and Megan outside searching for fall foliage to add to the table.
Lauren doing school.
Jack and Lauren coloring.
watering the plants on porch.
Jack watching Word World.
listening to my ipod.

dusting and mopping the floors.
making bread.
lunch-chicken and cheese on homemade bread.
making Jack laugh.
read to Jack.
cuddle before naptime.
talked to Jeff. found out the house we were supposed to stay in on the beach next week has been condemned due to the tropical storm that swept through our state about a week ago.
not upset. knowing God will supply a new plan for our time together.
read with the girls.
Megan reading to me.
talked to Shannon on the phone and smiled the whole time.
Lauren reading to me.
figure out how to play music on my blog.
the girls and I dancing to the music on my blog.
picture study with the girls.
start dinner.
go outside and play in this crisp fall weather.
my son is a tree hugger.
phone call from Elli to Megan.  she got the part of Esther in the play....way to go Elli!
daddy's home!!!
tinkertoy time.
dinner-chicken enchiladas and salad with goddess/olive oil and vinegar dressing.
boys go on a walk.
girls headed to knitting night.
kiss the littlest boy goodnight.
off to bed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


October 1, 2008
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really worn out from keeping track of everything yesterday.  
tuesday's are usually crazy anyway.
6:00 wake up.
pray with Jeff.
Bible.Devotions. 2 becoming one workbook.
banana muffin, jasmine green tea.
something is seriously in my eye.
check email.
off to yoga at the Y.
stop to get gas (at 1/4 of tank), did not have wallet. boo!
yoga was great!
kids had muffins and yogurt for breakfast.
devotions with the kids....God knows each one of us by name.
girls do some school.
off to piano.
didn't see the cows, but ran into Miss Bonnie, the dog.
Jack played on the John Deer mini-tractor for a little while.
starbucks decaf pumpkin spice latte. so I fell off the wagon for a moment. kind of funny what was written on my cup...
asked Jack, "are you a doctor?" and his reply, "no, I'm a train condoctor!" no kidding, he really said that.
farm fresh eggs.
lunch was leftovers. grilled cheese. salad.
read books with Jack.
Jack down for a nap.
read with the girls.
talked to my mom. hi mom!
Lauren read to me.
put stuff in crockpot for lasagna.
checked email.
Jack is up.
changed a poopy diaper.
I said, "Jack are you a good boy?", his reply, "no mommy, I a stinky boy?"
yes, you are a sweetie.
went to the chiropractor.
drop girls off.
Jeff heads to the gym with the girls.
Jack and I went to get gas and groceries.
stopped at 2 gas stations. second one had gas. 3.87 a gallon.
edited: I forgot to mention that Jack and I "fwupped"on the "fwupoline" for a little while. (see September 18, 2008 post.)
make bread.
everybody's home.
let's eat.
crockpot lasagna is good.
a little carrot cake.
Lauren emptied dishwasher.
Megan put dishes away and wiped table.
everybody upstairs to get ready for bed.
naked boy on table.
watching a little of Forrest Gump with Jeff. good show.
good nights.
did I say short?