Tuesday, April 27, 2010


for as long as i have known him [19 years] i have understood him to be very mindful of any/all decisions.
carefully weighing the choices.
how is this going to affect my family? my financial situation?
his decision to begin purchasing and fixing up homes was not his
for the past year and a half i have watched the uphill/downhill roller coaster of the buying and the fixing up and the selling of a home.
this to me looks too complicated.
too chaotic.
too unpredictable.

but to him

it is heaven on earth.
his bent.
his niche.
his thing.

and i am so thankful to be on the roller coaster of life with this man.
completely unafraid of what life has in store for him.
completely resting in God's awesome provision.
relying on the work God has done in his soul.
in his heart.
he is humble.
he is thankful.
and he has just sold his very first house.
all the while giving glory to the one true God that placed him exactly where he needed to be
the right

he paid a little for the house.
he put a little into the house.
he earned a little from the house.


happy new path!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

mother earth.

the girls and i: jack, would you like to help us bake cookies?
jack: i don't want to bake cookies, but i sure want to eat them!
[he did end up helping but at least we know he's honest]

these were very healthy cookies
prior to schlocking a bunch of artery hardening frosting on top.
we need to celebrate earth day somehow, right?
[we did in fact, plant our garden this weekend]
but today we eat happy earth cookies.

happy earth day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


right before bed April 9, 2010 megan said to jack, "these are you last few hours being 3 jack."
it made me cry.
to think he will never be 3 again.
i was really looking forward to tomorrow and
four year old
that we are blessed with.
it was a 4th birthday to remember.
pumpkin chocolate chip flapjacks for breakfast.
trolley ride downtown.
lunch at chick fil a.
a much needed nap.
[a month ago he told jeff and i what he wanted to do for his birthday party...."i want to go behind Target and eat pizza with my buddies"]
we were able to do the pizza and the buddies but not behind Target.
we played.
we ate a lot of grilled pizza [we made 8].
and the cake [i made a thomas train cake with a real thomas train on it].
i think he had
a great
i think he loved
every bit of it.
and he really enjoyed having everyone
come to his house
special day.

[the picture above was taken at 9pm when he finally pried himself away from his new train to eat the "J" from his birthday cake].

happy sunday.