Tuesday, November 16, 2010

dear jeff.

i'm sorry you went to all the trouble to blow us away this weekend.
we are back.
and waiting for you when you get home.

with love,
the leaves

happy wednesday.

Monday, November 8, 2010

the challenge.

looking through my pictures a bit tonight.
and really had to laugh at this one.

we don't do halloween.
we have done it in the past.
and it went just fine.
we just decided it wasn't what we wanted to do anymore.
the kids feeling a little bummed.
even though they know we just don't do halloween.
about the candy?
no [amazingly not]
to dress up.

so with that bit of information we challenged them
to create a costume in 15 minutes.
lauren was the only one who took us up on the challenge.
15 minutes later she came downstairs
with the sweetest costume.
she was an angel.
i asked her, "what do we usually say on halloween?"
to which she answered, "trick or treat?"
to which i promptly handed her 3 small bags of m&m's.


if you want to watch a teenage girl move at the speed of light....
try giving her little sister 3 small bags of m&m's.

no kidding.....

i have not seen megan move like that in years.
all the while i'm thinking they just told me it wasn't about the candy.
so, jack and jeff retreated to the upstairs to look for a costume for him as well.

jeff: jack, what do you want to be?
jack: a ghost!
jeff: [putting white pillowcase over his head] will this work?
jack: yeth!

megan and jack came downstairs to claim their prize.
a well earned.
very much enjoyed.
small bag of m&m's.
megan: lauren got 3!!!
me: yes, and lauren showed initiative even when she thought it wasn't for candy.
megan: hmmmm?

i was super impressed with what they came up with.....
a hippie chick
a ghost
an angel

love these 3 monkeys.
they definitely keep us on our toes.
and by the way, when they say it's not about the candy

happy monday.