Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hayes visit.

Hayes visit

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We had such a great time with the Hayes.
Time just seemed to move too quickly.
The weather was great.
The leaves were in full color.
Lots of outside play.
Attempted to go to a fall festival 3 times, but decided that hanging out was more fun!
Shannon and I made an Executive decision and decided to move Halloween from Oct. 31 to Nov. 1 (and really it worked out because it turns out that kids only want the we gave them the candy as long as they each said "trick or treat")
Megan and Elli 
lots of dancing and singing.
deciding that being a goddess for Halloween was a good thing. 
Megan was Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love and beauty).
Elli was Venus (the Roman goddess of love and beauty).
birthday celebration for Megan, Lauren, Elli and Jeff.
mini bike rides.
the Kit movie.
typewriter fun.
matching knitted hats.
knitting night at A Peace of Yarn.
Riley and Lauren. Lauren and Riley. 
what a perfect pair they are. 
Spider Man and Holly Hobby.
(us parents have pretty much promised them to each other someday....shhhhhh!)
Riley singing "my beauty".
planting a pine tree in the middle of the bedroom. no kidding!
swinging each other on the zip line.
mini bike rides.
hours in the cold seeking out bugs.
Jack and Charli.
Jack loved playing with Riley's "griffin" bird. 
(Thank you for sharing Riley)
Charli buzzed around in her walker.
Each time Jack would run past Charli he would slow down and very softly say, "Hiiiiiiiii Charliiiiiii."
Jack saying, "I wikes her!" 
Charli's first Halloween. She was a flower.
Jack's 2nd Halloween. He was baby Einstein.
Us parents.
mostly got to visit with each other late at night.
praying together.
a lot of laughing.
Shannon and I admitting that we really have four children each, and that our husbands are our "firstborns". (absolutely would not have it any other way...we love you guys!)
Jeff and Phil went to a hockey game.
going for a walk with Shannon and Charli.
eucalyptus branches on the side of the road (started pulling off branches and then decided to drag the whole thing home).
grateful for each and every moment.

It was so great to have them here.
But there's just one thing about those Hayes.....they always leave us wanting more!  
it's just never enough!

Thank you guys for giving up your "box" (our joke) for a week to come and make our week so amazing!  Thank you for loving us so much and teaching us so much!

Happy weekend days.

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