Friday, December 5, 2008

day 4.

played around on photoshop.
errands with all the kids and gamma and pop pop stark.
(including library and trader joe's).
new favorite drink starbuck's peppermint mocha twist (ok, so I
like my coffee sweet). 
leftover turkey sandwiches.
gamma leann had sardines (sorry mom, had to spill the beans......
we love you no matter what, although, this pushed it pretty hard).
kids resting for the choir concert tonight.
girls dressed in their beautiful dresses.
choir concert at 7:00.
AMAZING voices, beautiful songs.
jeff left with jack and lauren.
megan and I planned to go to Fuddruckers for post concert fun.
left keys in jack's bag.
jeff had the bag.
jeff did not have his phone on (concert courtesy).
jeff all the way home with keys in bag.
jeff's mom (hi karen!) drove to the house picked up keys and
drove them to megan and i at the church where the concert was.
thank you karen!
megan and i to Fuddruckers.
shared a cheeseburger, orings, and a vanilla shake at 10:00 pm.
gamma and pop pop left for home.
really enjoyed having them here.
jack will miss pop pop's "moon pies" (last bite of his protein bar).
see you in a week mom.

have a blessed night!

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