Sunday, February 1, 2009

so that.

About a week ago our church; Forest Hill, gave out wristbands for any and all who would take the challenge.  
Here's the challenge:
At the end of our lives we will have two responses to how we lived. 
We can look back on our lives and say “so what”? We may have made money. We may have been successful and accomplished many things, but so what? What type of impact did we have on other people’s lives?

Here is the other option. We can live "so that" we have an impact on other people’s lives. We can serve the poor. We can serve each other.  our husbands. our wives. our friends. We can show God's love to non-believers.  

My family has taken the challenge.  Will you?  What will your 2009 be...a "so what" year or a "so that" year.  If you want to take the challenge, we want to give you the reminder to wear.  Just leave me a comment on the blog and I will send you one.

Jeff was out of town for a week.  We REALLY miss him when he is not here.  We kept busy with our schooling and lessons, but it's just not the same without daddy.  We really are such a great team, and it's never more evident then when he isn't here.  He got home Friday night to a "runway driveway" with arrows pointing him to where he should go.  The girls decorated it up real nice for him.  Kisses and hugs all around.

Saturday Jeff and I decided to take the kids on a greenway walk.  We stopped and picked up sandwiches.  We sort of got lost on the greenway, but really didn't care, just so happy to be out together.  Ate lunch in front of an old dairy barn that had been fixed up.  Noticed a horse in the distance.  The girls being "horse crazy" walked over to pet it and within minutes were joined by 3 more.  We truly felt so blessed that these horses wanted to give us the time of day.  So sweet.  Jack and the girls took turns feeding them grass.  They made that funny sound with their lips and Jack just thought that was the best.  Not to mention the girls were simply in heaven.  In fact, Megan said later, "Mommy, that was pure heaven for me.  I am going to have a horse farm someday."  To which I replied, "I know you will baby.  I can't wait for you to have a horse farm."  And to top it off, we stopped at our favorite ice cream store in the middle of the day, before dinner, so great!  

Today we went to "chooch" (Jack's word for church).  I really feel so thankful to have a church that shares truth with us.  no sugar coat. just pure, honest, truth. love it.  And now we are soaking in the beautiful day.  54 degrees. breezy. sunny.  beautiful Sunday.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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Shannon said...

Just getting a chance to look at your blog. I'd love to add a bracelet! I'll have "Live Dangerously for Jesus" and now "so that" love it! And love you!