Thursday, February 12, 2009


Jack: mommy, I want to go outside.
me: okay, let's do it.
Jack: maybe we will see some wizards.
me: maybe, let's look.

It did not take long at all to find lots of lizards sunning on our porch.
Megan brought me a container and we got to hang out front row with a lizard we called "Zeek" (Jeff used to have a lizard named Zeek).
Megan: I want to keep him.
Lauren: held Macs off.
Jack: stared, laughed and shook the container.  he also gave him a very prickly seed pod to climb on...."here you go wizard."
edited: the leg and hoof you see in the picture is Jack's horse.  Jack wanted to make sure that his horse met his wizard.

We decided it would be best for Zeek to let him go back to his friends on the porch.

Happy Thursday!
Happy Valentines' Day too. 



Gem said...

That is so cute!
Miss you!

Cass Stark said...

Hurray for "wizards". I like preying mantis as pets too.
Love, Gamma Leeann

Gem said...
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