Thursday, May 21, 2009

day 4. kitchen part 1. and school room conclusion.

finished the school room this morning.
i'm one of those people that gets ideas from magazines. i see a good idea and then rip it out and put it in a binder with visions of being able to complete these ideas someday. megan and i were sitting there as i was literally taking everything out and throwing it in the recycling. she said to me, "mama when are you going to get to do that stuff?" i said, "someday", to which she replied, "you mean when we move out?". we laughed so hard. good stuff. she finally gets it.

here's some of the "stuff".
and around the corner more "stuff".
hey didn't i just clean this room the other day?
the kitchen part 1 was decluttering and cleaning and only bringing back in what you love and what you need. jeff walked in at the end of the day and didn't quite know where to put anything.
loved the shininess of my kitchen for that one minute. i have to laugh. i have to cook. and i am prepared for it to not remain this way. but i do love it!
able to finish in a timely manner and head to our local goodwill for a nice donation [1 bin and 2 big bags]. then to the homeschool room to sell some of my homeschool stuff [2 bins worth]. felt really good let go. i mean let God.

tomorrow kitchen part 2. digging inside of all those nicely manicured spaces.

happy thursday.


Gem said...

The school room and kitchen (so far) look great!!
Keep up the great work!

Shannon said...

This is fun!!! I look forward to coming to your blog this week to breathe in a fresh breath of cleanliness! I can't have it here for now but I can enjoy yours!!! thanks!


Catherine said...

This is awesome! Can't imagine all the work you and the girls put into this, but I am so encouraged by your example. I did clean out a kitchen drawer with promise of doing more. I'm glad you were able to accept the fact that it will not stay this way, but that you will enjoy it in the moment. Thanks for the inspiration. Love, Mom