Friday, May 29, 2009

more funning than cleaning.

had every intention of keeping up the momentum with spring cleaning.
it didn't happen this week.
i think all i did was the bathrooms.
to me that was enough.
resolved to tackle as much as a i can when i can.
not going to stress.
the big deal guys asked us to think of 3 rules for the summer for our family.
3 rules that everyone knows.
can remember.
and will understand.
our number 1 rule is
no stress/anxiety [which is why i am not stressing about cleaning].
i forget the other 2 [but again i am not stressing].
this is why i have children.
i know
and share that rule with me at the appropriate time.

we had more fun than clean this week.
tuesday we had a friend over from megan's sports class at the Y.
lots of giggling. and jumping. and tree housing.
wednesday we went strawberry picking with our friends from choir
[hi kim, martine, and alexa!].
we had so much fun despite the "stinky" mud on our shoes.
thursday night is our "family night".
it used to be called "family fun night", but then there was all this pressure on jeff and i
to make it "fun"
we changed it to "family night"
it's actually really fun. weird.
last night for our family night we made dinner together. we made this. and this.
and we made those "acceptable" strawberries into this.
i was so thankful that God showed up because there was oil, hot pans, sticky messes, flour, lots of dirty dishes and it could have been an absoulte chaotic disaster.
but like i said God showed up and it was awesome.
everybody had their part.
very fun.
we ate well.
and i was thrilled to know that i can actually make jam.

happy friday.
happy weekend.


Gem said...

Those strawberries look so good!! I just want to eat one! Looks like you had fun!
Making strawberry jam sounds like fun too.

Shannon said...

mmmm yummy! Put some in the freezer. Hopefully we'll get some in June!