Thursday, August 20, 2009

she is 12 today.

my sweet megan. we used to call her "punkin".
my baby girl has grown up so much.
she is beautiful.
both inside and out.
she is a young lady now.
helping me in the house.
she has plans.
she makes them happen.
she is my drama mama.
i am so proud of her and what God has done through her.
i pray for a blessed birthday for her
full of lots of love
and fun!
happy birthday sweetheart!
i love you very much!

happy 12th birthday day!

*sorry about the not blogging thing lots of school planning and fun. update soon.


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart. We love you.

Miss Shannon

Shannon said...

Glad to know you are still there Alicia.

Cass Stark said...

Hi Sweetie,

What a beautiful photo of Megan. She certainly is one beautiful girl, and as you say, inside and out. It will only get better. We will all take great joy in watching her grow into one awesome woman. Just like her mom.

Love, Mom