Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"i didn't touch the witch".

about a month ago a relationship [sort of] between jack and this witch began to brew.
our local bj's has placed their halloween decorations right at the front of the store.
the first sighting was interesting.
jack: "mama, i want to go touch that witch."
me: "okay sweetie let's do it."
[we are getting closer and closer]
jack: "mama, i'm going to touch that witch."
me: "okay sweetie."
[standing right next to the witch...the witch starts to talk and cackle]
me: "do you want to touch the witch?"
jack: "no, i don't want to touch the witch."
me: "that's okay."
[finish our shopping and leave the store]
the whole way home i hear this from the back seat...
"mama, i didn't touch that witch."
days later he is still telling people that he did not touch the witch.
fast forward....grandma leann is visiting.
we go to bj's.
he knows he gets another chance to touch the witch.
jack: "mama, i'm going to touch that witch at bj's."
me: "okay baby we'll do it."
long story short....we have visited two more times since that
good stuff.

happy tuesday.

p.s. mom, i am still waiting for that song...we will call it, "i didn't touch the witch"


Gem said...

Hi Alicia,
Jack is so cute. Made me laugh.

Shannon said...

sweet boy!