Saturday, June 12, 2010


adorable. check.
charming. check.
cheerful. check. check.
sweet. check.
God's girl. check.
joyful. check.
funny. check.
middle piddle. check.
helpful. check.
thoughtful. check.
clever. check.
curious. check.
brave. check.
capable of riding her bike back and forth
and back
and forth
check. check. check.

love you sweet little middle piddle.
so proud of you.

happy saturday.


Gem said...

I love the picture of Lauren riding her bike. You are really really talented! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the family that won a photoshoot from you.

Our kids at home said...

YAY LAUREN!!!! So fun watching you last night!!!!


Shannon said...

YEA!!! Good job girl!

Catherine said...

How much fun is that. Riding with the wind. Lauren must feel very accomplished. Give her a big kiss from me.