Monday, October 4, 2010

what came first?

the chicken

or the egg!

kat [jack's chicken] has proven to be the hen in charge.
she has laid one egg a day for the last 3 days.
we are very excited
as to whether
we should eat them.
we know we can
still need to come to terms with it.
i know it will come to this....
no store bought eggs in the fridge
on a happy saturday morning
the kids
will want
and into the batter will go one of these eggs
we will
be off
but at this point just getting a little surprise in the box
every day
enough for us.

happy monday.


Gem said...

I did not know that you got chickens! That's really cool.
We are thinking of getting chickens too.

ncfrench said...

Wow! That is very neat. How great that you guys are making such wonderful memories and learning so much. Your photos and journaling are so touching!

Shannon said...

That would rough for me too BUT...if you're gonna eat eggs home grown are the best! Bon Appetite!

Our kids at home said...

I remember when Cat was just a little baby chick! I think that she was in charge of our little brood ever since we got them!


P.S. Now we have 4 eggs in the fridge! I am going to go check for more right now!

Catherine said...

You go Kat! Think of it as your chickens giving you a wonderful gift that says thank you for being such a loving and wonderful family to give us a really great place to live and thrive. They would want this gift to be used to your benefit with no guilt. Enjoy these yummy and very nutritious gifts from your avian friends. Love you, Grandma L.