Monday, September 22, 2008

This just in.

Yes, it is true.  Jeff and I; the avid Starbucks people, are not drinking coffee anymore.  Needless to say I am not happy about it.  I know my body will thank me for it eventually, but right now my body aches.  I have pretty much always enjoyed coffee.  Then, our dear friend Sam (who passed away this last year) sent Jeff and I a state of the art Espresso maker, and our best friends bought us a set of cappuccino mugs for Christmas.....all I can say is HOOKED, big time!  It was so fun to get up and make yummy coffee in the morning.  It was an event.  It was the calm before the storm. I miss it and what's so pathetic is it's only been 3 days.  Goodness gracious! 
We had a nice weekend.  The weather was great!  Mid 70's....perfect outside weather.  Which is what we did most of the weekend.  Jeff had a service project planting flowers with his 5th grade Crew group from church.  It was a very rewarding experience for him and the boys and all that showed up to help out.  I attended a Charlotte Mason (no not Charlotte Masons) mini conference and really learned a lot from the other ladies on ways to teach certain subjects in school.  Funny thing with home schooling, you never really say to yourself, "Wow, I really got it going on...I mean, I completely know what to do."  I am always learning new ways to help my kids learn better.  It's stressful at times, like when you don't have your coffee, but so incredibly rewarding.  Sunday is most often our day to really kick our feet up and relax as much as possible.  We always look forward to family dinners with Grandma at the table and we've tried to make it a weekly event.  Last night they had so much fun playing freeze dance.  I think at one point Jack was naked freeze dancing.

I leave you with that!  Blessings to everyone!

Happy Monday.

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