Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where's the rain?

One thing I know I am not is a weatherman...and maybe I should be.  Seems to me that our weather guys/girls can't seem to get it quite right.  There was a big tropical storm headed our way, wasn't there?  We had fun pretending anyway.  They were singing and dancing down the driveway.  *edited: the rain has officially found us*

The temperature has been incredible.  We had the door open tonight as Jeff and I watched our most favoritest show on TV (we don't watch TV, this is it for us)  The Office season premiere was tonight.  Good stuff!

Weekend to do....
Find a gas station that HAS gas. scary.
Finish school scheduling stuff (seems never ending).
Use my Cold Stone Creamery Freebie.
Photo shoot with each of the kids.
Make cookies for neighbors.  
More like, giveaway cookies so as I do not eat them myself.
Time with Jeff.
Church on Sunday.

Happy Thursday!

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