Monday, October 20, 2008

Virginia Beach Vacation.

Virginia Beach Vacation
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654 miles round trip.
7 1/2 hours from home to our campsite.
33 was our campsite number.
8 movies (Dreamer more than once)
5 days camping at First Landing State Park.
2 bodies of water to choose from (Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean).
We liked Chesapeake Bay beach better.
9 total painful mishaps including Jack falling out of the camper on the first night and splitting his lip.
6 Starbucks coffees per parent. 
350 animals at Virginia Zoo.
2 girls arguing a lot.
3 ships at Jamestown Settlement.
4 cannon shots at Colonial Williamsburg.
15 minutes to the top of Cape Henry Lighthouse.
24 foot Poseidon statue on the boardwalk.
1 angry woman on a bike.
1 Family bike ride on the boardwalk.
20 time outs for Jack (at least).
1 bathing suit lost.
91 degrees on Thursday (isn't this Fall?).
3 full moons.
100's of "prickers", "hitchhikers", whatever you call them....they hurt!
2 girls arguing about how they argue.
2 nights of mosquitoes. Bothersome!
Many cotton fields on our way to and from.  Thought it was trash blowing all over the road, but it was cotton.
4 camp fires. 
4 smores.
12 Blue Crabs and 1 lb. of shrimp on our last night.
35 mph wind storm on the last night.
2 parents ready to come home.
2 detours on the way home (traffic).
8 consequences for 2 girls that argued 2 much.
690 pictures.
100's of laughs.
100's of memories.
Total Cost.

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