Saturday, October 18, 2008

38 today.

38 years ago today the love of my life was born.  And because he is 38 I will list 38 reasons why I love him so (in no particular order).

1. makes me laugh.
2. loves to cuddle.
3. good with money.
4. good cook.
5. great daddy.
6. patient when I am not.
7. adventurous.
8. he is honest.
9. not boastful.
10. not prideful.
11. supportive.
12. apologizes when wrong.
13. helps me around the house.
14. my teammate.
15. fishermen and fisher of men (gives of his time every Sunday to be with 5th grade boys).
16. loves to cook me breakfast on special occasions.
17. always in search of the "perfect" gift for me.
18. gives careful criticism.
19. people person.
20. loves God.
21. prays every day often.
22. wants to be with me.
23. loves his mother.
24. is a child at heart.
25. great role model to his kids and others.
26. a good friend.
27. very giving.
28. never shouts no matter how upset.
29. strong.
30. faithful.
31. admits his faults.
32. a good brother and son.
33. loves Christmas.
34. hard worker. (blowing all the acorns off the walkways as I type)
35. positive.
36. he is hot. (both looks and temperature)
37. family man.
38. because I choose to love him everyday no matter what.

*there are some other things I could add to this list (sorry babe had to mention it), but for little eyes and ears can not.

I love you baby, you are my hero, my knight in shining armor, my rock and my best friend. How incredibly blessed I am.

Happy Birthday.


pictures and more to come on our trip. we had fun. we had our moments and we are happy to be home.

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Shannon said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to my "brother from another mother!". Ok so I'm late. That just means we're still thinking about your birthday when everyone else has moved on. That makes us the best! Right!!! Wish we could have been with you to celebrate! Remembering dates has NEVER been a strong suite for me. Bear with me as I work on that! :-)! Thanks brother!