Monday, November 17, 2008

Swimming in leaves.

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last week was a little rough around here.
really felt "the enemy" in my home.
amazing how quickly he creeps in....
I am so thankful for grace, forgiveness, 
God's word, and my husband, who calmly
prays with/for me.

jeff was/is sick.
I am beginning sick.
jack is in full potty training mode. 
a little man potty in every bathroom.
pp not a problem.
the other one, not so easy.
1 chocolate chip for pp, 2 chocolate chips for the other.
he washes his hands.
and really enjoys flushing and waving his "stuff" goodbye.

on saturday we went to a dog show.
first time i've been since I stopped showing dogs years ago.
so neat to see the junior handlers.
explaining to the girls "this is what mommy did when she was your age."
really enjoyed watching the dogs go through the agility courses too.
we are going to attempt to work with macs on doing some of this.
we may just start with "sit" and "stay".

on sunday, after church, we headed outside for some fun in the leaves.
the girls had an absolute blast.
lauren fell off the zip line a few times, but what a trooper.
really enjoyed the crisp, cold weather.
there is something so wonderful about watching the seasons.
spring newness, summer bounty, fall colors, and winter cold.
an appreciation for each one.
one of our favorite sunday traditions is dinner with grandma.
either our place or hers.
last night it was hers.
homemade manicotti, salad, and apple cobbler from GG's cookbook.
two words.
yum eee!

Happy Monday!

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