Wednesday, December 10, 2008

day 9.

Q and A about the holidays.
going to try and keep the answers short.

At what time do you open your presents?
one present Christmas evening.
stockings first thing on Christmas morning.
rest of the presents after a yummy breakfast.

How is your home decorated?
wreaths on the doors and windows.
tree in the living room.
holly on the mantle.
a few other things here and there.

Where do you visit during the holidays?
a live nativity.
the nutcracker ballet.

What is "normal" to your Christmas but not universal?
as Charlie Brown would say, "even my baby sister has gone commercial!"
we try not to get too wrapped up in the "world's view" of Christmas.

What colors symbolize Christmas for you?
my favorite color is green.

How long did you believe in Santa?
i'm not quite sure.
mom, do you want to take this one?

What do you eat for dessert at Christmas?
pumpkin pie and usually a cheesecake of some sort for my honey who does not like pies (usually).

Where do you hang your stockings?
our fireplace in the living room.

Do you watch any films during Christmas?
the list is long, but my favorites are Little Women (Winona Ryder) and Miracle on 34th Street (Natalie Wood).

What do you miss about Christmas from your childhood?
getting together with the whole family (Maddens, O'Briens, etc.)
my grandma.

What things from your childhood Christmas have you brought into your adult life?
good cooking.
like my grandma.

Is there anything you do everyday in December.....besides journal?
my mom gifted us with a wonderful Story of Christmas Advent Calendar a few years ago and we read one part of the story every day and then hang it on the tree.
we also have an advent calendar for the kids and they open a box each day (a little note, a goody, a fun thing to do for the day, etc...)

Happy Wednesday.

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