Thursday, March 19, 2009

conversations with jack.

mommy: how was your class at the gym? 
jack: it was good, i hit a kid.
mommy: oh really? why'd you do that?
jack: 'cause she was inspecting (disrespecting) me.

this is the same boy who just uttered this prayer all by himself:

Dear God,
I am sorry for whining at my mommy.  Please forgive me.
In Jesus name,

happy thursday!

*i'm pretty sure no little girls were really hit in this incident.  we know the ladies that watch him at the gym really well and they would have told us had anyone been the brunt of his feeling disrespected.


Gem said...

Love the "Walk to Cure Diabetes" thing on the side of your blog!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the JDRF info on your blog!!! I love you Meesh Aleesha!