Saturday, March 14, 2009

4 thousand 200 and 20 days.

this is how many days we have had a crib in our home.
we are now cribless.
sad, but true.
how quickly THEY DO grow up.
sometimes we lose sight of that.
but we blink.
we breathe.
we live.
and they are all grown up.
i am reminded of a time not so long ago (okay, maybe 6 years) that megan finally got the hang of riding her bike.  i remember her pedaling down the road away from me. unstoppable.  just going.  i cried.
same thing when i realized "no more bottles" and "no more diapers" (well, i was happy about that). 
but i imagine it will be the same about sippy cups, and high chairs, etc... 
tonight our sweet little man is in his big boy bed that he helped put together.
sweet dreams baby...i mean big boy!

have a blessed sunday!


Gem said...
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Shannon said...

Hey there big boy!!! So you are VERY hungry & sleeping in your own bed! What's next? Slow down little man! We love you! Your still Baby Jack to us!


Catherine said...

My goodness Jack, How does it feel to sleep in that big bed? You sure look comfy in there. Sweet dreams precious boy. I love you.

Gamma LeeAnn