Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the latest.

the snow came.
the snow has gone.
we enjoyed it while it was here.

the Hayes were coming.
and now they are not.
we are sad.
but understand that things just don't go as planned sometimes.
we are looking forward to that visit as soon as possible.
interesting that this past sunday someone at our church said, "when something bad happens (Hayes not coming), try to find the good in it (had a hard time with this one, but realizing it just wasn't the right time for them and the weather is going to be crummy for skiing, knowing God will reveal the good very soon).
we love you Hayes.

we finally got "the shot".
that is Hungry Jack enjoying Hungry Jack on his waffles.

the girls have been saving and saving for months.
for what?
a tree house.
well, the day had come this past Friday.
they saved $77.76 (we gave them a penny just to make it $77.77).
they picked out the wood at Lowe's with daddy.
placed their can up on the counter and paid for the wood all by themselves.
man was this a lesson in patience for them.
working together.
on one common goal.
they did it!
jeff got going.
he is enjoying the process as much as them.

jack kept himself busy during the construction with "weef (leaf) fishing" from our pond.
literally he did this for a long time.
and every "weef" was recognized with a proud, "i caught a weef!"
great job sweet boy!

the kids and i have been doing a unit study on the iditarod.
if you do not know about this most amazingly historic race you can check it out here:
we have learned so much and have really enjoyed following our mushers as they run the race with their dogs.
today we made igloos.
we had a good laugh.
megan says, "mommy it's the castle (Lauren's) and the slave quarters (Megan's)." 
so thankful that she was able to laugh at herself.

happy wednesday!


Gem said...

Hey Alicia!
First of all tell Megan and Lauren Congratulations on making there goal. That looks like it's going to be an awesome tree house! Love the picture os Jack sitting by the pond. Keep posting on your blog. I enjoy reading it very much.

Catherine said...

What a great snowperson! Just love the "Hungry Jack" picture. Love to all, Gamma LeeAnn