Sunday, May 17, 2009

here's the deal. but not the big deal.

"it's not this deal, that deal, some deal, or any deal. it's the BIG DEAL."

we are so blessed to attend a church with a wonderful children's ministry. michael and andrew from the big deal [along with many others] work very hard all week to bring God's word to our children in a language they can understand, through character and virtues. they do a magnificent job. we were so incredibly honored to be a part of their blog this past week. they were so impressed with our bench they wanted to share. very thankful for them every week.

jj is also from the big deal. hi jj. we absolutely loved having her visit with us and sit on our bench and chat about her life, our life, life. it was great! jack really took a liking to her, and was such the gentleman, every time he wanted her attention he would say, "excuse me," and that night at family prayer his prayer was, "thank you for jj." yes, Lord, thank you for jj. we look forward to hanging out again soon.

yesterday karen had the kids for the day. what a blessing for jeff and i to have the day completely to ourselves [karen, if we didn't already say it. thank you. thank you. thank you]. we started with a service project with jeff's life group. we laced, organized, and packed shoes for samaritan's feet. so great to get the opportunity to help that charity. if you are interested in reading more go here. we stopped at firehouse subs for lunch [found out kids eat free on wed. after 4pm and all day sunday]. off to ikea. enough said. fun. fun. fun. and then we met our 2 becoming 1 class for bowling at strike city. very cool place. almost too cool for me but really fun. i bowled a 71. for any non-bowlers out there...that's really pretty bad. jeff won the first game and just barely squeaked by with a 141. and then we ate dinner next door at wing cafe. it was so great to see all of them and just laugh and talk about kids, and jobs, and exercise routines, and recipes. a good day. so good for us to have that time. and so great to come home to clean. happy. ready for bed. babies. thanks again grandma.

this week and next my plan is

does anyone know how difficult it will be for me to only do one room at a time? Shannon? this will be hard. i am all or nothing. all in or all out. black or white. no gray. that's me. sort of. that's the old me. i am working on those lenses [see my last post] and going to try something new. spring cleaning one room at a time. a real deep cleaning. anyone else interested go here.

there are so many reasons why doing one room at a time will be good for me if i can get the hang of it.

1. i have children at home all day. they need some love and attention [not to mention meals] and it would be very "unmommy" of me to avoid them in order to clean all day.
2. i will really be able to do a good job. ya know, do my best for the 30-60 minutes or so.
3. i won't be completely drained. wiped. booshed. or beat. at the end of the day [who am i kidding?]
4. it will allow for us to do other things besides clean all day.
5. i actually plan on rousing the troops [children] and getting them to help in some of the tasks. they have their own daily chores, but this will be a good way for them to see how working together towards "the goal" will go faster, and mommy will be a lot happier because she is getting some help.

good stuff.

i'll let you know how it goes.

have a blessed sunday.



Shannon said...

I saw you guys on their blog last week. That was so honoring! Loved it! Love you! More to say but so tired...Love you!

Catherine said...

What a good idea to take one room at a time to clean it thoroughly. It would probably take me a bit longer than one day (more like a week). What is it about Spring that gets these projects moving? Love, Mom

Johnsen Crew said...

I too am an "all or nothin" kind of girl but am learning the same things you are. Lately for me it's been organizing clothes. One day, Addy's clothes, next day, Emmy's, etc.