Monday, June 1, 2009

and this girl.

i have watched this little girl become a young lady.
she is so giving.
so kind.
going through her pre-teens is giving her a little bit of a run for her money (and mine).
but i simply can't imagine being without her on a daily basis.
she is such a big help.
a big heart.
she loves to share what she learns with her brother and sister.
she loves to help me in the kitchen.
mini-chef she is.
i love you sweetheart.
p.s. someday she will have a farm with lots and lots of animals.
you can count on it.

happy tuesday.


Shannon said...

Big heart, big help! That's our Megan!! Love you honey!
Miss Shannon

Our kids at home said...

Yes, I will have horses,chickens,dogs, cats (barn cats)and everything else you can imagine. I love you Mama.Thanks for recognizing how much I love animals.