Monday, June 8, 2009


honestly didn't realize how much i use my mac for everything.
including my blog.
i upload all my pictures to that computer.
i am now windows illiterate and end up having to relearn everything when i use this computer.
i gave my mac over to the genius bar about 5 days ago.
the disk drive won't give me back my disks.
once they go in they simply don't want to come back out.
they really really like it in there.
i am on my backup.
thankful for backup.
instead of posting latest shots i will post flashback shots.
so fun to revisit pictures from the last few years and see just how much our surroundings have changed. how we have changed. it's a constant reminder to me that time marches on.....

have a blessed week.


jessica said...

haha definitely the cutest sibling/size picture EVER! love you guys! :)

Gem said...

That picture is so cute!

Catherine said...

Boy I sure can relate to that time marches on comment. I like the old pictures too. Sitting here with Gemma after seeing Emily graduate. Hope you get your MAC back soon. See you soon. Love, Mom