Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my little muffin man.

the mac is back.
missed it.
but did just fine.
brushed up on my windows skills.
last week my house was filled with lots of little people.
the many pairs of shoes that reflect this.
such a blessing.
tell you all about that.
as much as i want to gush and share i have to wait patiently for Megan to share her accomplishment.

in the meantime, i can share just how much i love that we have a little muffin man in our house.
reading Grandma Lena's Big Ol' Turnip by Denia Hester the little muffin man noticed at the end she makes reference to corn muffins. this began his desire to make muffins. the opportunity presented itself the next day when we got some wonderfully big zucchini's from our friends. zucchini muffins. he wanted to be a part of the whole entire process. measuring. pouring. stirring. blending. and of course tasting. i love that he wanted to be in the kitchen with me. i love that jeff picked up the camera noticing a moment [thank you sweetie]. i love that the muffins turned out yummy. i love that my sweet little muffin man didn't even know that he was getting a science. math. and home economics class all in one. i simply love that!

have a blessed day.



jessica said...

wonderful! that's so cool! :) thanks again for having me over to your house with the giant pile of kids and shoes and parents and alice in wonderland!

Shannon said...

mmm yummy Jack!!!

Can't wait to meet Jessica!

See you soon!

Shannon said...

Hi jack! love muffins 2!

Gem said...

Yummy muffins sound good!