Friday, November 13, 2009

in the game of life.

i have no excuse. simply caught up in the life we are blessed with.
been to d.c.
been to florida.
been with friends.
and family.
concerts and plays.
time continues to move. quicker and quicker.
embracing every moment.
here is d.c.
more to come.
love and blessings.

happy friday.


Shannon said...

So much fun! Good to see you here! What program are you using to scrapbook on the computer? I love the images!

Catherine said...

Great pictures and such nostalgia for me to see you all in the town where I grew up. I think you all saw more in your one visit than I saw in the entire time I lived there. I'm happy to see it through your eyes. Also glad the weather cooperated for you. Love you, Mom

Gem said...

Hi Alicia,
Looks like you had fun in Washington DC. Liked the pictures. Love,

Gem said...
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