Tuesday, July 20, 2010

day 2.

so jack and i had a little talk about miss megan before his lesson.
we talked about how miss megan wanted to teach him to swim without his big bulky vest.
she also needed him to listen to what she asked him to do.
and we also talked about how little boys who listen are sometimes rewarded at the end of their lessons with candy.
jack: okay mama, i will listen!

he listened extremely well.
and she was able to teach him how to kick with straight legs.
she taught him how to float on his back.
this one was a little more tough.
she would count to 3 for him to hold his breath
she got to 3
he would grab her really tight.
pretty sure he thought something was going to happen....
i think he had this "she's going to drop me and i'm going to have to swim
and i don't know how to swim" feeling.
back and forth.
back and forth across the pool.
he did fabulous!

on the way home from his lesson....
me: how was miss megan today?
jack: she was awwwwsome! [with yellow starburst juice dripping down his chin]

happy tuesday!


Gem said...

Love the last picture of him looking up at her. So sweet.

Shannon said...

doing great Jack!!!

love you miss shannon

Elizabeth said...

great job jack!