Sunday, August 22, 2010

what does 13 look like?

she is officially 13.
but when we did this photo shoot she was not.
love the sign that we found.
had a moment on friday.
her actual birthday.
kind of like the moment i had when she rode her bike for the first time.
kind of like the moment i know i will have when she goes to college.
i am feeling that tug on my heart.
that little tap on my shoulder
telling me
that time keeps moving
will not
be with us forever.
taking advantage of every moment i have with her.
a blessing to this house.
to this family.
thanking the Lord so much for every moment
the good and the not so good
has lead me to this moment
loving her as she is
with all my heart.

happy sunday.


Gem said...
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Shannon said...

so awesome!!! i love the photos! Such a good mommy!!! I Love you!

Josh said...

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Elizabeth said...

am i crazy or does your blog have a new look...either way...i love it : )

Gem said...

Hi Alicia,
I love the new layout of your blog!