Tuesday, August 31, 2010


i say the first day of school is way overrated.
too much pressure.
i say we just skip right to the second day of school.

today jack drew a story.
this ones a keeper.
this is an octopus
who has a teddy bear [down in the right hand corner]
who has a bed that fits him perfectly
and he likes to watch the stars
in his bedroom
when he falls asleep.

i share this not with the notion that my son is a genius [even though i think he's pretty close].
i share it with a heart that is so full of love
for every single
i get to spend
with these kids.
yesterday was simply awful [not going to hide that one].
and because of today.
a new day.
i know that the Lord has mercy and grace beyond
anything i can possibly imagine.
He loves me like i love this boy.
He loves me like i love these kids.
and if i take the time and sit with Him and listen [like i did with my boy]
He really will tell me the story.
my story.

and i know that my story never has to have another first day of school ever ever again.
big smile.

happy second day of school.

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Johnsen Crew said...

i agree~~! I loved reading about your second day of school. And I love the blessing of another day, after a hard day. LOVE U