Tuesday, April 19, 2011

jack and Jesus.

lately we've been talking about easter.
he is familiar with a video on you tube with derwin gray (ex-pro football player turned pastor in charlotte).
where derwin says something like....it's not funny, because it's not about the bunny! it's about Jesus!
(fast forward to our conversation today)
me: what did you learn at church last week?
jack: i remember my bible verse.
me: what is it?
jack: i am with you always.
me: who is with you always?
jack: Jesus....and who wants to be my friend forever? (miss kasey from church will be so happy to know that he has heard her say this)....he starts with a j mommy.
me: you tell me.
jack: he starts with a j mommy.
me: do you mean....Jesus!
jack: YES!! (big smiles)

good stuff. love these little moments with him....and love that he knows Jesus wants to be his friend forever. does not get better than that.

happy monday.
happy easter.


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