Sunday, September 28, 2008

A little perspective.

We had a nice weekend.
Jeff and I at Yoga on Friday night.  Love it!
Girls at grandmas on Friday night.
Jumping up and down lots and lots because we just found out that the Hayes are coming for a visit.  We can't wait guys! 
Lots of rain.
We did end up finding gas (no kidding) on Friday morning.
Planning our kitchen painting project.
Church....and this video....

A little perspective...cause we all need it sometimes!

Loads of love and lots of blessings to everyone!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Tears rolling down my face I sit here holding Charli thanking God for His blessings to me. As I look around my house at all the mini messes (that add up to one big mess that NEVER seems to disappear) I am reminded by this video that life is precious and what a waste it would be to look back on this time of life and wish I would have put the mop down more often! I don't want to miss out on life! On the life of my kids. On the life of my family! Thank you Alicia for this overwhelmingly beautiful reminder of how 99 days can be a lifetime filled with love & joy!!! Here's to enjoying the moment! I love you!