Tuesday, September 30, 2008

this week.

This week I have decided to take a scrapbooking challenge from Ali Edwards....you will notice her blog down on the right hand side of my blog.  Okay, I love to scrapbook, but these days it is just not happening!  Life happens and I continue to capture as much as possible, but as far as putting it in a book, time just is not on my side.   So, I have decided to do what Ali is doing and record a week in the life of me.  Nothing amazing is happening this week (that I know of anyway), but I just really felt led to do this.  If you feel led to do it.  Go for it.  The week does not need to begin on Monday.  Start your week now.  Just write stuff down (edited: I kept a word document open on my desktop all day and just kept adding to it) and take your camera wherever you go.  I will try to post every day this week.  Call it a blogging marathon if you will.  Enjoy!

(click on the picture to see the day of pictures)

Day 1  September 29, 2008
woke up early. 6:00
time reading "2 becoming one" book
off to Yoga at the Y.  love that Megan is a certified "Supersitter" and she can stay with the little guys while I take this class.
prayed for Jeff.
breakfast was a banana bran muffin and pomegrante tea from Trader Joe's.
printing out Bible devotion for the kids.
kids up at 8:00.
breakfast with the kids. eggs and toast with cream cheese and blueberry preserves.
memorizing Bible verse...this week is Phillipians 2:14-15.
changing a poopy diaper.
doing dinosaur's puzzle with Jack.
Jack asked "why not?" for the first time.
reading with Lauren.
Jack runs in while Lauren and I are reading and proceeds to recite the Bible verse from last week.  "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much ("mush").  I about fell out of my seat, amazed that he knew it.
kids doing school and chores. 
lunch-grilled cheese on homemade bread from Jessica Seinfeld book. a little too cheesy this time. we lost most of it on our plates.
killed a spider on the wall.  walked to kitchen to throw it away and found a cockroach on the wall (no we are not slobs, we do not live on a terrible side of town, this is a reality when you live in the woods, and let me tell you it is a reality that I will NEVER get used to).  It took me 15 minutes to muster the courage to extinguish this beast.
teaching Jack to "shhhhh" while others are talking.
love my water.
want my coffee.  (Okay, Hayes family, you say it is a phase, you speak of the DARK side.....and yet I know you will so win this battle when you get here.)
consequences for our actions. lauren cleaning the car. megan cleaning the front porch.
lauren found a baby snapper turtle. we called him "blue cheese"
thinking of Shannon.
playing horsey with jack.
science, literature and character study with the girls.
narration with the girls.
chiropractor appt.
funny license plate "o pickles"
jack's tumbling class. the bars, balls and somersaults are his favorite.
not prepared for dinner. I do not do well making dinner when I am way hungry myself. quesadillas on the grill.
talking at jeff. (I apologized)
cleaning the kitchen.
constantly scanning for cockroaches (you'd think I would be used to it after living in FL, but I have to say you guys have it good there, the cockroaches here are like HUGE.  I know at this point the Hayes are questioning their visit.....Nah!  You guys will come hang out with us cockroaches and all).
Lauren and Jack in the tub.
Megan in the shower.
had some chocolate chip cookie dough.  my downfall.  working on it.
kids watching last 15 min of Homeward Bound.
good talk with Jeff about God's purpose in our lives and how we love that we can lay everything at his feet. everything.
lotion for my hands.
glasses off.
lights out.

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Shannon said...

I love this idea! Did you walk around with notebook in hand? :-) COCKROACHES??? WHAT!!! Ok, I'll live with it as long as we can sit with our starbucks together! Just kidding! Tea is good! We can do tea...