Tuesday, September 30, 2008


September 30, 2008
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6:00 woke up to Macs fussing to be let out.
let him out in the rain.
pray with Jeff.
chai tea with soymilk.
quiet time. Bible. devotions.  2 becoming one workbook.
email Shannon about visit plans.  so excited!
blog entry.
8:00 kids wake up.
kids breakfast-shredded spoonfuls and soymilk.
devotions with the kids was about not just reading God’s word, but applying it, “turning it on”.
working on our Bible verse for the week (Phillipians 2:14-15), the girls forgot one of the words, and off to my left I heard a little voice say “fault”….another moment of really feeling the need to fall out of my chair.  amazed that my son, after hearing this verse maybe a handful of times, knew the word that the girls couldn’t remember.
just another nod to the fact that little ears are always listening, even when you think they aren’t.
mommy breakfast-plain yogurt, granola and flax meal.
good mornings to “blue cheese” the snapping turtle.
he is hungry and apparently does not like carrot.
no theater classes this morning.
kids loudly getting ready for the day.
made the bed.
Lauren with Jack.
Megan doing school.
took a shower.
pulled hair back.
off to the park.
jack found a “gware” square on his car seat.
prayed for “blue cheese”.
released “blue cheese” into the lake not far from our house.
he didn’t seem like he wanted to go.  we watched him for a little while.
played at the park. 
Jack didn’t want me to swing him, he said, it’s “Megan’s turn”.
fall is on its way.  leaves beginning to turn.
talked to Jeff.  planning for class tonight.
jack had a mid morning melt down because I did not want to go “this a way” I wanted to go that a way.
a wasp hitchhiked all the way from the park to our home on our car….like we need more at our home.
worked on Lauren’s timeline book.
Jack got in the refrigerator and brought me his cup and the whole bottle of juice saying, “juice for me a cup”…how could you not give the juice?
kids lunch-peanut butter and jelly. easy.
my lunch-tuna with cranberries on pita bread
checked email.
Lauren is composing a song.
looked up finger knitting.
will try to figure that out before craft time at choir.
read with Jack.
Jack napping.
read Detectives in Togas Ch.19 with the girls.
learned to finger knit.
megan worked on her essay.
went to choir practice for the girls.
time with jack having snack and building towers.  watched a bee land on the flowers outside.
lost Jack for about 5 minutes at the church (the kid is fast)…so thankful he was okay.
weird bug on my car while waiting for Megan….it’s been a day of bugs, but thankfully, no cockroaches!
rushed home from choir practice.
gramma came over to be with the kids while Jeff and I went to our 2 becoming one class.
2nd week at class....unsure of how it’s going to turn out….we’ll see. lots of different people, different situations, just not sure of our place in it yet.
8:20 home from class, kids watching Homeward Bound (they really like it) with gamma all cuddled on the couch.
Very thankful that gamma can be with the kids on Tues. nights.
cuddled up with jack and his request was “Rock a baby” so I sang “Rock a bye baby”
prayed in his ear…squeezed him tight
goodnight little man.
kissed the girls good night.
talk with jeff.
long day.

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Shannon said...

what is Meg writing her essay on this week?