Wednesday, October 1, 2008


October 1, 2008
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really worn out from keeping track of everything yesterday.  
tuesday's are usually crazy anyway.
6:00 wake up.
pray with Jeff.
Bible.Devotions. 2 becoming one workbook.
banana muffin, jasmine green tea.
something is seriously in my eye.
check email.
off to yoga at the Y.
stop to get gas (at 1/4 of tank), did not have wallet. boo!
yoga was great!
kids had muffins and yogurt for breakfast.
devotions with the kids....God knows each one of us by name.
girls do some school.
off to piano.
didn't see the cows, but ran into Miss Bonnie, the dog.
Jack played on the John Deer mini-tractor for a little while.
starbucks decaf pumpkin spice latte. so I fell off the wagon for a moment. kind of funny what was written on my cup...
asked Jack, "are you a doctor?" and his reply, "no, I'm a train condoctor!" no kidding, he really said that.
farm fresh eggs.
lunch was leftovers. grilled cheese. salad.
read books with Jack.
Jack down for a nap.
read with the girls.
talked to my mom. hi mom!
Lauren read to me.
put stuff in crockpot for lasagna.
checked email.
Jack is up.
changed a poopy diaper.
I said, "Jack are you a good boy?", his reply, "no mommy, I a stinky boy?"
yes, you are a sweetie.
went to the chiropractor.
drop girls off.
Jeff heads to the gym with the girls.
Jack and I went to get gas and groceries.
stopped at 2 gas stations. second one had gas. 3.87 a gallon.
edited: I forgot to mention that Jack and I "fwupped"on the "fwupoline" for a little while. (see September 18, 2008 post.)
make bread.
everybody's home.
let's eat.
crockpot lasagna is good.
a little carrot cake.
Lauren emptied dishwasher.
Megan put dishes away and wiped table.
everybody upstairs to get ready for bed.
naked boy on table.
watching a little of Forrest Gump with Jeff. good show.
good nights.
did I say short?

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