Sunday, October 12, 2008


October 10, 2008 album
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Friday would have been Dustin's 34th birthday.  We had Grandma Johnson over and celebrated with homemade pizza on the grill and a cheesecake.  We shared stories about him....laughed and cried.  We adopted a stream/park down the road from us in his name and we did our very first clean-up yesterday.  We filled 12 bags of trash.  Jack found a cicada to play with.  Everyone worked hard to make a difference.  It was very fulfilling, and felt good to give back.  It's been 10 months and we miss him.  We are continually reminded of God's beautiful tapestry and someday we will understand why he is not here, but for now we will continue to celebrate the son, brother, and friend that we knew.  

A couple of weeks ago a tropical storm crossed NC and rendered our rental house in the Outer banks condemned. No problem. Plan 2 we decided to go camping.  Today, we are leaving for our camping trip to Virginia beach.  This will be Jack's first official camping trip.  We are so excited. Across the dunes from the beach, less than an hour to Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown. How nice that we can weave a little school into the vacation.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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