Friday, October 3, 2008


October 3, 2008
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7:00 wake up.
Bible and devotions with Jeff.
kids are up.
fire in the fireplace.
hot cocoa.
46 degrees outside.
breakfast-blueberry oatmeal bar and pomegrante tea.
Jeff to the gym.
make kids breakfast-eggs and Jessica Seinfeld donuts.
dishes in dishwasher.
Jack had some fun with sissy's yarn.
get dressed.
Jeff home.
chiropractor appt.
I am wearing my favorite jacket today.  orange corduroy.
come home and pick up Jack to go run errands with me.
Hobby Lobby.
not feeling good.
home to eat lunch.
big fan in doorway for paint fumes.
Jeff has started painting the cabinets in the kitchen.
lunch-chicken and cheese on homemade bread.
play with slinky.
fly airplane outside.
read to Jack.
cuddle and to bed.
read the last chapter of Detectives in Togas and some Shakespeare with the girls. 
worked on their Book of Time.
run errands.
to Lowe's Home Improvement store. return some stuff for Jeff and get some paint thinner.
to Staples for a cordless mouse and sticker sheets. bought the sticker sheets. did not buy the mouse.
Lowe's food store for last minute stuff.
home to find a clothes line of cabinet doors in my front yard.
and a HUGE spider web on my roof.
Jeff is hard at work painting.
my kitchen is a wreck.
green anole lizard on my front porch plant.
clean up kitchen.
Jack is awake.
kids watching 1961 Parent Trap movie. a classic.
snacking on white cheddar popcorn.
start dinner.
Jeff's painting all around me as I cook.
dinner-Bacon, Leek, tomato and potato soup with bread.
off to Lowe's for a few last minute project items.  a roller and pan.
kids on the trampoline.
Lauren gave Jack a bath.  thank you baby!
Jeff is painting again.
I love that my man is such a hard worker and so good at what he does.  Love you honey!
kids upstairs playing.
watching Homeward Bound again.
Jeff is done for the day.
in bed.
Happy Friday!

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Shannon said...

Sounds like a fun day! Looking forward to hanging out with you! Are you feeling ok?

Love you!