Saturday, October 4, 2008


October 4, 2008
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6:30 wake up.
I am feeling much better.
Jeff wants Starbucks. I'm on it babe.
went to Starbucks in my jammies.
bold coffee with pumpkin spice syrup for Jeff.
decaf pumpkin spice latte for me.
guess we have fallen off the wagon halfway.
Jeff and I had a good talk about future plans, and again, how we are just so thankful that God is in control, 'cause we just can't plan things like he does.
kids are up.
Jeff making crepes with blueberry cream cheese filling.
Megan rolling the crepes.
sun rays in front hall.
Jack says, "mommy, wet's go to wowe's!!!"
translation: "mommy, let's go to Lowe's!!!"
so we went to Lowe's and picked up some stuff for the kitchen.
made lunch on the dining room table.
deli sandwiches.
the girls love to help on projects.
Megan helped with some painting.
we already have a HUGE mess, so why don't we play with play doh and really make this a mess!
painting. painting. painting.
Q Shack take out for dinner.
ice cream mustache.
doors back on cabinets.
AMAZING difference in the kitchen.
Thank you baby for working so hard on those doors.  I love it!
not sure if we are going to leave them or antique them.
pretend sleeping. everybody snoring.
get ready for bed.
Jeff reading with Jack.
really sleeping.

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