Thursday, October 2, 2008


October 2, 2008
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October 2, 2008

6:00 wake up.
a little cranky.
forgot to put the lasagna away.
prayed with Jeff.
wave Jeff off to work. love, love, love that he had to wear a coat.  It's cold!
Bible. journaling. 2 become 1 workbook.
banking stuff.  yuck!
the girls love to get Jack up, and today they did.
kids playing puzzles waiting for breakfast.
make oatmeal from Jessica Seinfeld book.  Love that book!
breakfast and devotion with the kids.
a little attitude maintenance with the girls.
girls outside running Macs trying to stay warm.
made bed.
got dressed.
Jack doing puzzles.
no tea this morning.  wishing for a warm drink.
Jack and Megan outside searching for fall foliage to add to the table.
Lauren doing school.
Jack and Lauren coloring.
watering the plants on porch.
Jack watching Word World.
listening to my ipod.

dusting and mopping the floors.
making bread.
lunch-chicken and cheese on homemade bread.
making Jack laugh.
read to Jack.
cuddle before naptime.
talked to Jeff. found out the house we were supposed to stay in on the beach next week has been condemned due to the tropical storm that swept through our state about a week ago.
not upset. knowing God will supply a new plan for our time together.
read with the girls.
Megan reading to me.
talked to Shannon on the phone and smiled the whole time.
Lauren reading to me.
figure out how to play music on my blog.
the girls and I dancing to the music on my blog.
picture study with the girls.
start dinner.
go outside and play in this crisp fall weather.
my son is a tree hugger.
phone call from Elli to Megan.  she got the part of Esther in the play....way to go Elli!
daddy's home!!!
tinkertoy time.
dinner-chicken enchiladas and salad with goddess/olive oil and vinegar dressing.
boys go on a walk.
girls headed to knitting night.
kiss the littlest boy goodnight.
off to bed.

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