Sunday, October 5, 2008


October 5, 2008
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7:00 wake up.
breakfast snack-banana bran muffin and pomegrante tea
Bible and devotions with Jeff.
wake kids.
breakfast- yogurt with granola, flax and organic strawberries.
tasted like strawberry cheesecake.
make bed.
leave for church.
check Crew kids in at church.
Karen saved me a spot.
love the music at our church.
my only wish is that Shannon were up there with her beautiful voice.
took communion at church.
pool baptism's outside today.
the Big Deal at church is always so fun for the kids and the when they shoot the moon pies out of a moon pie launcher at the end.
lunch-quesadillas on the grill.
Jack is down for a nap.
Grandma (Karen) came over to be with the kids while Jeff and I went to a Christian film festival.
quick stop at Starbucks.
Okay, so we have totally fallen off the wagon!
not really, we still just really enjoy a good cup of coffee.
so many words I want to say about this movie....
if you are married, go see it.
if you are single, go see it.
if you are living, go see it.
best movie we have seen in many many years.
Kirk Cameron did an awesome job!
all of it.
funny license plate on the way home-UGT2MVIT. Jeff figured it out...U GoT 2 MoVe IT.
girls to grandmas to help fix dinner.
Jack is awake.
Jack snack-peanut butter pretzels and cranberry grape juice.
Jack loves to help daddy, he says, "whatcha doin' huh?"
Jeff putting handles on drawers.
changing a poopy diaper.
to grandmas for Sunday dinner.
grandma and the girls made "mo-mo" puffs, green beans, rice and applesauce.
dessert was made by Megan and Lauren-homemade brownies and frosting...yummy good!
Jack sitting on Great Great Grandma Hubbard's rocking chair.
daddy played "wobot" (robot) with the kids.
cleaning up legos, I hear Jack say, "No, Mac don't eat doze!"
some funny things Jack says lately.....
"funk soul brudder sheck it out now."
"funk soul brudder wight about now."
"ooooh my heaven's to betsy."
"goodnight wadies." (saying "goodnight ladies" to the girls)
get kids ready for bed.
Jeff finishing up drawer pulls.
read with jack.
Jack to bed.
time with Jeff.
baby, I love my kitchen. it is everything I could have dreamed for. thank you for working so hard on it. I love you!
and this is the end of one week in the life of our family.  
blog break is in order.
good night.


Shannon said...

WOW! I love that we saw Fireproof on the same day! Wasn't it amazing. I couldn't believe we were sitting in the theater watching this wonderful movie that was completely honoring to God! It was outrageous! The theater was packed! I am so thankful for you and Jeff! You are a shining light in a world full of marital sadness! I love you guys!

Also, I am so much enjoying reading about your life each day! You are an inspiration to me my good buddy! :-) XXOO Shannon

See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

waiting patiently for your next blog :-) you busy Mama!

Cass Stark said...

I'm a little late, but I just realized this is a REAL BLOG. How Great!!! Like Shannon, I am patiently waiting for your next blog.. You are so good at this and I just love your life. Now I can truly live vicariously through this blog. Can we all go to see the Madagascar movie that comes out in early November for our Thanksgiving treat? Love you, Mom